Metal Recycling

Due to advancement of technology in recent days, it is possible to re-use pieces of iron sheets and copper material that are worn out. It is a cheap source of raw materials compared to buying new materials. Many suppliers of pipe fittings have intensified there business in recent days due to the high amount of income yielded. In order to turn these pieces of alloy to useful products, you should buy apparatus used to mold them to required mold.

Shredder machine

One of the most used apparatus for molding alloys is the shredder. It is easy to acquire even among low income earners. It helps upgrade small pieces of waste alloys to precious hardware. It can take low-grade material such as wheel rims and turn them to high-grade products used for making valuable items such as pipe anchors and guides. There are two categories of shredder. An industrial shredder is an advanced tool used for shaping hard pieces of alloy while ordinary people mold soft crystals with scrap alloy shredder.

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Cost of tools used for molding small pieces of crystals differ depending on quality, origin and its function. If you deal with hard crystals, automatically you will have to buy expensive apparatus, which uses high power to grid portions of alloy and molding them together to form a concrete. Machines used for soft materials such as aluminum and copper use low power and are cheaper compared to the ones used for hard crystals.


Die-casting is a process that forces molten alloy under high pressure into mold cavity. Mold cavity is a tool made by hardening steel, which have been molded to shapes that work similar to injection mold. Most dies are made from alloys of aluminum, copper, magnesium and lead. You can either use hot machine to cast crystals or cold tool depending on the type of alloy.

High capital I spent on the purchase of casting tools. This has reduced volume of production especially among those that cannot afford the apparatus. Die-casting is associated with very good surface finish by ensuring accuracy of dimensions they are preferred by industries dealing with alloys. Injection die-casting is used to reduce small crystals and increase yield.

Apparatus and tools used in alloy processing industry should be stored under cover to avoid rusting. Most of these tools are made of steel, which reacts very fast with water, and oxygen to form rust. Rust reduces life span of an item and makes it wear out quickly.


Some plants used for processing alloys and crystals require a lot of knowledge hence should be operated by trained mechanics. Proper care is needed to avoid injuries that occur while machines are running to avoid loss of life and medical expenses. There are various institutions training individuals intending to work in industries as plant operators to ensure they have adequate skills and knowledge.


For industrial plants and tools to operate properly, there should be good care. Running equipments require lubrication to avoid friction that makes them ineffective. Broken parts should be repaired regularly to avoid failure, which can result to decline of production volume.